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Blind and Partially Deaf Chihuahua Is Reunited With Her Rescuer. The Moment She's Held, She Reacts In A Way That Completed Melted Our Hearts

July 28, 2017

Rescue stories are the ones that tug at our heart strings more than others. When volunteers at the At-Choo Foundation in Los Angeles received an elderly chihuahua, they instantly melted. At-Choo is an organization that funds shelter dogs' medical costs and those that work there see some of the sweetest pups around.

Jelly the 14-year-old chihuahua is a prime example of the dogs that occupy their facility. When she arrived, she was blind and partially deaf. She had a few missing teeth, discharge in her ears, and was missing some bits of fur.


A volunteer named Elaine Seaman instantly felt a connection to little Jelly. Jelly had taken the separation from her former owner pretty hard and found it difficult to relax and engage with those around her. Elaine decided to show her some love and see if she would respond. Much to her great surprise, Jelly instantly began hugging and kissing all over her. "I wasn't prepared for how incredibly trusting and sweet she was.

She never flinched or shied away from my hand as I started to pet her head. When I picked her up, she leaned into my chest and kept herself there no matter which position I was in. She needed love and to hear and feel a heartbeat of someone holding her," Elaine told The DoDo.


Elaine was not in a position to take little Jelly home with her but she made it her mission to make sure that she found a loving, welcoming forever home. Elaine took to Facebook and within no time at all, she received a response. A lady named Carlynne McDonnell knew that the moment she lay eyes on her, that she was meant to love her for the rest of her days.

"They brought her to me. She was in a little blanket, and I put my arms around her and it was just the most amazing feeling to know that we were bringing this beloved dog home," Carlynne said happily. She continued on to say, "When a blind and deaf dog starts to explore her surroundings a little, it shows that she's starting to become a little bit more comfortable with what's happening. That's the greatest reward of all."

Knowing that Jelly is in the arms of a wonderful family meant the world to Elaine. Jelly is thriving and living up her final years in absolute bliss! It's people like this that surely restore our faith in humanity even more.

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