Family Noticed That Their Dog Was Acting Incredibly Peculiar. When They Realized Why, They Immediately Leapt Into Action

July 28, 2017

If you have a dog at home, you know that most have pretty mild temperaments. They love to socialize, lazily lounge around the house all day, go for walks, and engage in a good playtime session or two. On rare occasions, they can act a bit out of character. More often than not, it's their special way of telling us that something is wrong. A Michigan family knows this kind of scenario all too well. They adopted a dog named Peanut from a local shelter. She had been abused and neglected and wanted nothing more than for someone to swoop in and be her hero. Little did she know that a year later, she would be returning the favor for someone else.


It was early one morning when Peanut began to act abnormally. She normally was pretty mild-tempered and never once acted out of character. She began barking uncontrollably and no consoling from her owners would calm her nerves. She wildly ran up and down the stairs in an attempt to get her owners' attention. Sensing her bizarre urgency, they let her out of the house. The second the door opened, she ran full-speed towards a field beyond the family's home. Needless to say, her owners were pretty curious about this strange behavior so they decided to follow after her. She came to an abrupt halt beside a ditch and stared longingly at her owners. They assumed she was just wanting to roam freely so they tried to get her to come back home but Peanut remained firm in her spot. With one closer look, her owners' eyes fell on what lay in the ditch and he immediately sprang into action.


Below lay a tiny little toddler, naked and shivering in the chilly temperature. He jumped down into the ditch and wrapped the small child up in his shirt. They quickly took her back to their home with Peanut right by their side. By the time the paramedics and police force had arrived, the little girl would only utter the word, "doggie". After further investigation, the young girl was taken to Child Protective Services because her home was found unsafe and unsanitary for her to reside. Had it not been for the courageous actions of sweet little Peanut, this little child would not have survived. She has been hailed as a hero and her family couldn't be more proud of her for her kind-hearted and brave spirit.

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