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A Timeless Haircut That Your Guy Has Always Wanted But Never Knew How To Ask For

August 30, 2017

Ladies, your man needs a good haircut. More importantly, he wants a good haircut. The issue that most guys run into is that they have no idea how to ask for the haircut they want. They have a general idea but, when it comes down to it, guys need a bit of help when it comes to the specifics of their haircut. There is one haircut that every guy seems to want, nowadays, since Brad Pitt made it popular. That's right. This haircut is popping up in movies like Fury and King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword and let's be honest, who doesn't want their guy looking like Brad Pitt or Charlie Hunnam?

Now, your man might be able to get by if he walks into a barber shop and says, "I'd like the Fury haircut, please." Although a barber should know what that haircut looks like, it is better for your man to know exactly what he wants. First of all, this particular haircut is called an undercut or curtain cut. Now that we have the proper name out of the way, we can get into specifics.

Mark Bustos takes the time to systematically break down the layers of an undercut in the video below. If your man knows the exact length he wants for the hair on the sides of his head, he takes all the guess work out of the haircut and makes life so much easier for his barber. Mark uses three different clipper guards which are a 3, a 1, and a 0. If you and your guy decide you want it a bit longer or shorter on the sides, you have Mark's guide as a reference point. Check out the video, below, and see for yourself just how easy it is to get your man a proper undercut.

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