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Puppy Was Severely Neglected And Her Fur Was Horribly Matted. After Her Miraculous Rescue, She Gets A Makeover That Leaves Her Virtually Unrecognizable

August 31, 2017

When an animal lover sees a neglected animal, his heart automatically breaks. Few things are as devastating to witness as an innocent, grief-ridden animal who has no power to fend for himself. The Hope For Paws rescue team encounters animals like this on a daily basis. These dedicated individuals are unsung heroes who constantly save neglected and homeless animals from the streets.


One morning, they receive a call about a terribly matted and skittish poodle. This dog has been roaming around these streets for some time and it is apparent that it has no home of its own. Despite the fear in its eyes, they do their best to coax the frightened animal out of hiding. The nearer they approach, the more anxious the dog becomes. The rescuers are unbelievably patient as they gently talk to it, reassuring the pup that it’s in no danger, whatsoever.


After a great deal of patience and kindness, they eventually are able to touch the dog. Though the dog trembles, it appears to understand that the rescuers are there to help instead of cause harm. They discover that the dog is a female and they give her the name, Dolly. They take her back to their facility, bathe and shave her, and give her the food and medical attention she needs. In no time at all, Dolly is a loving, happy dog once again. She quickly finds her forever home and spends her days bringing smiles to everyone she meets! Check out the video below to see her beautiful transformation.

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