After Putting Out House Blaze, Firefighters Discover Lifeless Kitten Among The Debris. Watch Their Heroic Efforts To Bring It Back To Life

January 04, 2018

Firefighters are some of the most courageous, valiant public servants there are. They perform their jobs with an unwavering determination to not only save property from destruction but also to protect and, when necessary, rescue the unfortunate souls who may have been trapped in the infernos.

Putting aside all thoughts of their own safety they rush into dangerous situations for one simple reason: because they have taken a sacred vow to help when lives are in danger. It's no wonder that it hits them so hard when they come upon casualties of their hard-fought battles.

Whether overcome by smoke and gases or burned by the flames, these helpless victims rely heavily on the unwavering courage of their heroes. Many times, the vulnerable lives caught in the blaze are found in time and are carried outside to fresh air and safety. Other times, however, the outcome is not a happy one.

For whatever reason, someone may be overlooked as the chaos of the firefight overwhelms the combatants - either the smoke is too dense to reveal their whereabouts, or they have hidden somewhere that escapes the searching efforts of the valiant professionals.

Regardless of the circumstances, it's a firefighter's worst nightmare to come upon the lifeless body of a fire victim. It does not matter whether the victim is human or a furry friend, it's so heartbreaking when a life is lost during the tragic event.

In our story we see firefighters re-entering the dwelling after the blaze has obviously been extinguished. As they survey the damage and debris they are shocked to come upon the lifeless form of a tiny kitten, lying in the middle of the room.

As they approach the silent silhouette, they fear the worse. They gently grasp the sweetie by the scruff and move him outdoors where they will, presumably, send the animal off to be disposed of.

Before giving up on the pitiful baby, though, one firefighter decides to give him one final chance to recover - and begins resuscitation efforts. The man lovingly straps a breathing mask onto the kitty's face and attempts to re-inflate the quiet lungs of the unmoving darling.

While this is going on, the steadfast rescuer recognizes that the feline may have suffered thermal wounds and begins to gently bathe the babe in cool water.

After what seems like forever, the first signs of life appear - an eye-blink, a wiggling paw, and finally a timid "meow!"

The kitten is breathing on his own and soon the oxygen mask is removed. How relieved and overjoyed these wonderful guys must feel when they realize that their heroic efforts have actually paid off! There can be no greater feeling in the world than to see life miraculously return where it seemed to have been lost for good.

As the adrenaline levels return to normal in both the rescuer and rescuee the ball moves into the shaken sweetie's court. If only he could speak he would surely be praising the efforts of his newfound friend. Short of that, there is nothing left to do except to gratefully fall into the impenetrable asylum of his sweet savior's loving embrace.

The lucky little fellow may not comprehend the extent of everything that just happened to him but one thing is for certain. If it had not been for the boundless compassion and unrelenting determination of the gentleman in whose arms he is now enveloped, he likely would have used up all nine of his allotted lives that day.

Looking no worse for the wear after his ordeal, this little one seems ready to tackle the rest of his charmed life with all the kitty-enthusiasm he can muster. We're so glad that the man who was appointed to combat the fire that day had a gigantic heart for all living creatures, great and small, and refused to give up on the tiny baby that he found himself responsible for restoring to life.

To see the entire rescue, just click on the video, below.

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