Farmer Rescues What He Thinks Are Kittens, Then He Learns That They’re Not Ordinary Cats At All

December 19, 2017

Imagine yourself spending a day just like any other; you’re going about your normal household chores, taking care of your house, you take a look out the window to just enjoy the view, but then, you notice something. Something that you know is out of place.

Would you follow that unknown object in curiosity or would you just let it be? In Russia, one farmer lived this moment, and when he saw the movement, he decided to follow it. Good thing he did, because what found turned out to be one of the most astonishing discoveries.

As he got closer to the mysterious tiny movements, he realized that it wasn’t one (or even two) little critters moving around; but he quickly realized that he had stumbled onto an entire litter of four brand new kittens!

He gathered up his newly-found kittens and ran them back into the house. He made a warm bed and brought out some warm milk so the kittens would gain back some nourishment. As he watched the new kittens wrestle around for food, he began to wonder what kind of cats he had just stumbled upon.

After staring at their faces and taking careful note of their size, the farmer quickly noticed that these were no ordinary cats. He immediately called animal rescue for further instruction. After the rescue team arrived, the farmer learned that his hunch was right; these weren’t domestic cats, but rather, they were indigenous to Central Asia.

Needless to say, the farmer was shocked! He had never imagined finding non-domestic cats from Central Asia in his field in rural Russia. After learning that he couldn’t care for these wild cats, he surrendered them to the animal rescue house. Thankfully, there were two domestic cats that were fit to nurture and care for the wild Pallas cats. Although they weren't their blood mothers, the stand-in mama cats did a great job of nursing the kittens back to health.

We are grateful for the farmer's courage to rescue the unknown critters. Since being saved and taken to the Animal Rescue Society, the mysterious and intriguing cats are receiving the care that they need. We are thankful for everyday people who make the selfless move to rescue animals!