Sweet Kitten Strays A Little Too Far From Mama And Falls Down Storm Drain. Men Step In And Perform 'Impossible' Rescue

January 11, 2018

We all know that kittens can be a handful. Yes they’re adorable, yes they’re cuddly, but they also are frisky, rambunctious, energetic, and always on the move! And sometimes this adventurous spirit can lead them into situations that end up costing them one of their “nine lives!”

Perfect example: Here we see one little gray cutie who has strayed a bit too far from his mom’s watchful gaze and finds himself in quite a predicament. He has fallen down a sewer drain and is unable to get out on his own. To make matters worse, when would-be rescuers try to help him out of the cavern they are unable to do so because the only access they have is a very narrow gap between the curb and the street.

Here’s where ingenuity saves the day.

One of the men rigs up a brilliant retrieval device using a combination of rope and what looks like a laundry garment bag! He begins lowering the “kitty catcher” through the opening, trying to gauge the depth of the culvert based on the sound of the kitten’s “meows.” As the drain swallows more and more of the rope, the two are amazed at just how far down the little feline has fallen.

Finally, the net reaches the bottom but now what? How will they get the kitten to climb in? To be honest, we can’t really tell from the video how they managed that part, but you can’t argue with success! Before you know it, we see the sweet face of the chagrined kitten as he emerges from the depths of his confinement.

After making sure the little guy hasn’t sustained any serious injuries, the heroes quickly return the kitten to his anxious mother, who has been waiting nearby for some sign of her wayward son. The reunion is sweet and quite interesting, actually. As the little one moves closer to his mama, he immediately falls under her careful scrutiny. After all, she wants to make sure that this is, indeed, her son and not some brazen imposter! Once she is convinced that not only is this her son but that he is none the worse for wear, she takes on a whole new demeanor.

As if wanting her child to know that she is miffed at him for having put her through the agonizing ordeal, she avoids his repeated attempts to nuzzle in and begin nursing. Undoubtedly hungry and thirsty after his tribulation, all he wants now is to have some warm, sweet milk and have a nice long nap. But Mama wants to make sure her son understands the enormity of what has happened, so she puts him off for awhile.

Eventually, after he has had to endure a bit of waiting himself, it looks as though the prodigal son is finally going to get what he has been so desperately hoping for. The mother cat’s maternal instincts seem to have taken over, causing her to relent and submit to the pleas of her suffering son. Assuming a comfortable position, Mama lies down on the wooden floor and allows her ravenous progeny to get close enough to attain what he has been seeking.

Ahh! The Mother and Child Reunion. There is nothing quite like it - for the baby and his mom of course - but also for those of us who are privileged enough to be able to witness the sweet event. We’re so glad the men were able to retrieve the little darling from the storm drain and we hope the young fellow stays closer to his mama in the future! After all, he has only eight lives left to lose!!

To watch the entire rescue, just click on the video, below. There’s a lot more going on for you to see, including another tumble for the bombastic bambino!

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