Abandoned Kitten Brought To Live In House Full Of Rescue Dogs. See How He Learns To Be A Member Of The Pack

January 15, 2018

Rilu was abandoned by the side of the road when he was just a kitten. The day he was rescued and taken home to live with his rescuers was the happiest day of his life. Little did he know that the people who found him already had several rescue dogs living in their home. How was this defenseless kitty going to find his place in a household that was so very strongly canine-oriented?

Little by little, Rilu began to make friends with his doggy siblings. As he grew bolder, he was no longer intimidated by the oppressively large pups.

Instead, he started forming strong bonds with the other four-legged creatures who lived in his new home. A little playful wrestling, and spirited sparring back and forth and pretty soon Rilu found himself as a full-fledged member of the pack!

Although the vast majority of his new friends were of the canine persuasion, Rilu did also enjoy a good “cat fight” with other felines that he knew. His natural curiosity also led him to make the acquaintance of some other interesting outdoor creatures that lived in his vicinity.

But he always returned to the true loves of his life: the rescue dogs who first made him feel at home when he was nothing more than a terrified waif discarded by the side of a road.

Thanks to the trust and affection given freely to him by his adopted brothers and sisters, Rilu is learning the true meaning of loyalty and friendship.

We’re certain that this pack of “dogs” will be together for a very long time, enjoying each other’s company as they grow and thrive.

To see the uplifting story of “Rilu’s life as a dog” just click on the video, below.

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