Gorgeous Cats Have Taken Over A Small Farm

January 16, 2018

In Prigorodny, a small town outside of Barnaul, Siberia, one farm has been drawing in some of the cutest little visitors around. The owners of the farm and caretakers of the furry visitors are All and Sergey Lebedeva. The farm is home to lots of gorgeous little Siberian cats, although they are often mistaken for Norwegian Forest Cats! The felines have been slowly taking over the farm during the last few years.

The fluffy cats arrived years ago, and have since made the farm their own. They sleep in a henhouse with three little bedrooms of their own where they can decide in which room to rest each night. The gorgeous felines have been drawing the attention of people all over the internet since their first photos went viral.

The feisty felines have managed to carve out a wonderful life for themselves on the farm. They’ve befriended many of the farm's other inhabitants, but they naturally also love to pick fights with each other whenever they can. They also make sure that the farm is kept free and safe from rats or mice. The lovely cats have definitely made the farm their home, and we’re so glad that Alla and Sergey are taking such great care of them all!

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