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All The Funny And Sweet Ways Cats Show Us Their Love [VIDEO]

May 19, 2017

If you have ever owned a cat, you know that of course you don't really own the cat, but that they own you. At least that is what they think to be true. While cats can be be very demanding about affection, they usually want it on their terms, not ours. Still, they do show us love when they want to. 


It seems like cats can be oblivious to you all day, then when you sit down to read a book or check your e-mail, there they are sitting between you and the book or laying on your computer. My cat likes to try to sit on the computer. Unfortunately, it does not make me a very productive employee to have a cat laying on my keyboard, but he's so cute! 

One of my cats very favorite things to do is to lie on top of my chest and snuggle under my chin. It's all good, until I pet him and because he is happy he digs his claws into my skin. He is quite jealous and if I'm ever sitting with my husband on the couch, he always has to be sitting on me while glaring at my poor husband. 





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