Police Respond To A Call. When They Arrived On Scene They Found Something Completely Unexpected

July 21, 2017

Meet Hero, the pit bull, a stray named because of his heroic acts. Hero was wandering the streets of Baldwin, Georgia when he came across a man who was attempting to hurt a woman. Hero jumped in between the man and the woman who was being attacked and ended up getting stabbed 5 times. The woman was able to escape her attacker. Hero saved the woman's life.

When police officers Sgt. Timothy Clay and Officer Daniel Seeley arrived on the scene and found Hero laying on the ground, slowly bleeding out from his wounds. The officers did not think he was going to make it but rushed him to a nearby vet anyway. They couldn't just leave him there, especially after all he had done. Hero had lost a lot of blood and his gums were turning white, the vet did not have high expectations for Hero but Hero had a miraculous turnaround and was stabilized. 

After a few days recovering at the vet, and with the clear bill of health, Hero was in good enough shape to be moved to Fighting for the Bullys in Tennessee, a pit bull rescue center.

Fighting for the Bullys says on their website that they are a 501c3 that is a fierce and determined army that have dedicated our hearts and souls to saving our beloved Bully breeds. Fighting For The Bullys Pit Bull Rescue is based in Knoxville, TN. We search shelters all along the East Coast that are in need of assistance to rescue Bullys from death row. 


Nobody knows exactly what Heros past was but they do know that his future looks bright. Carla Welch from Fighting for the Bullys, said she knew he was meant to live in spite of his brutal past. 

Officer's Seeley and Clay are grateful that Hero's story turned out good. After all he had done he deserved a second chance at a good life. We are so happy that Hero lived to tell the story. What a handsome boy!

If you are looking for an amazing dog to add to your family, contact Fighting for the Bullys they have pit bulls just like hero to choose from or visit your local animal shelter. There are plenty of amazing dogs just like Hero who are waiting to be adopted and would love a second chance at a good life. 

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