Are Your Pets Always on Your Mind?

March 30, 2017

Our pets have a way of giving us a look that cuts us to the core. They save this look for the moments when we're walking out the door off to work or to run errands.

They're completely happy one moment and as soon as they see us put on our shoes and grab our keys, they know exactly what's happening.

Growing up, we had a golden retriever who was the happiest dog on the planet. She constantly was jumping and running around with a big, goofy dog-grin on her face. The second she saw us heading towards the car, though, it was as if a switch had been flipped.

She suddenly turned into the most sad, depressed little doggy you've ever seen. Her face would droop and she would give you those big, puppy dog eyes that would make you want to burst into tears. It was heartbreaking!

We would always reassure her we'd be back shortly, but words didn't bring her much comfort.

Even though it's terribly heartbreaking to see them so sad, you know that you'll be reunited in no time. The moment they see you walk through the door, they're flooded with joy, every time!

The all look forward to moments like these, where you get one-on-one quality time. There's nothing that makes them feel more loved and appreciated.