Bear The Prankster Puppy Pulls Off A Hilarious Bait And Switch On Unsuspecting Drive Thru Employees

July 18, 2017

Pranks can be great fun! With the technology that we have nowadays, they are even better. We can film all of the crazy, goofy things we try to pull off and then post it online to share with everyone!  Some days, you just need a good laugh and you can usually find a video on Youtube to provide it. 

I came across a video recently with a guy and his sweet dog named Bear. Bear really is the star of the video and honestly, I think that most videos are better when they involve animals. Animals tend to add a degree of charm and often hilarity when they are added to everyday activities. Don't you agree? 

Bear is a big cuddly chocolate lab. He is such a sweet lovable pup who obviously wants to please his owner. If you know anything about labs, you know they have a lot of energy and are just super fun dogs to own! 

Now, obviously Bear has had some training. Labradors are an intelligent dog breed, but need a leader or can they be a bit unruly. Luckily, most Labradors are easily trained and are eager to please their owners. 

Bear's owner has many videos on YouTube, but his most popular involve his fun-loving pup! To pull off this prank, Bear's owner pulls up to a fast food drive thru and orders a meal. He then pulls up to the window. When he gets to the window, he casually says that they forgot to give him something or asks for a cup of water.

Now, for the bait and switch! While the unsuspecting employee turns to get him what it was he asked for, he climbs in the back of his truck and cues Bear to sit in the driver's seat. When the poor employee comes back to hand him his item instead of a human they find a dog sitting at the helm!

As you can imagine, the shocked employee is speechless and does not know what to do in this situation. Bear and his owner deliver the humor in this prank. If you are in need of a side splitting laugh today this could be just the cure! 

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