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Rescuers Received Call About Dog Barking In Distress, When They Arrived They Were Shocked To See The Most Unlikely Pair Snuggled Together For Safety

August 15, 2017

I am convinced that animals are much better at making friends than people are. This is especially true when it comes to making friends that are completely different from them. People often have a harder time relating with others who aren't like them but animals have no such reservations. Animals who are polar opposites of one another often become best friends without thinking twice. This was certainly true of one dog that was found protecting an unlikely friend one stormy evening in South Carolina.

Animal control received a call one rainy night about a dog that would not stop barking. When workers arrived at the scene they realized the dog was down a steep embankment. Carefully, the team made their way down the slope to find the dog. They soon found the dog curled up at the bottom of the ravine. When they got closer, however, they realized that the dog was protecting something. It was a little baby kitten! The rescuers couldn't believe it. What was more, the dog seemed to be nursing the kitten as well.

The rescuers quickly scooped the pair up and took them to a shelter. The dog had a collar and was recently groomed so the rescuers assumed the dog had gotten out of her yard in order to rescue the little kitten. The rescue team made sure that they kept the two friends together in the same container at the shelter. Although the kitten had to be bottle fed as well, she nursed at the dog's side every single day. An unlikely friendship it may have been but it was no less than a match made in heaven. We could learn a lot about friendship and live from this adorable furry duo. Watch the video below to see the incredible story.

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