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When Great Dane Puppy Was Told To Wake Up, No One Could Have Prepared For His Hilarious Protest

August 15, 2017

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love mornings and those who simply despise them. The morning folks aren’t too bummed out to hear the sound of their alarm ring in the wee hours of the day. They hop up and are ready to sip on a steaming mug of coffee and watch the sunrise. The non-morning folks have quite the opposite reaction. The second their alarm chimes, their face crumples in disgust and often try to cover themselves up completely in attempt to ignore the fact that it’s time to rise.


Believe it or not, animals can have very similar reactions. Ray Prevo knows this fact to be very true. He and his wife are the proud owners of The Bagel Factory in Birmingham, Michigan. They are the ones responsible for getting the business up and running each and every day so that means they have to rise quite early - 3:30 am to be exact! Their growing Great Dane pup, Thor, can’t seem to get the hang of their early morning routine. He’s proven that he’s quite opposite of being a morning person and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion!


Thankfully, Ray had the bright idea to record their daily morning struggle with Thor and the clip has rendered over 20 million views on YouTube! In the clip, Ray attempts to get sweet Thor to get up and go on about the day with them but Thor is having none of it. He rolls around, moaning and groaning in utter protest. He’s not ready for the day to start and he wants his dad to know just how he feels about it! Check out the hilarious footage below. Be sure to listen closely as Thor says, “No!” at about 1:59. I can't seem to stop watching this!

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