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Best April Fools Joke You Have To See. Check Out How This Teacher Pulls Off The Joke Of The Year On His Students . [VIDEO]

April 03, 2017

They work hard. They are creative. They care about their students. They come early and stay late. They are...


I mean... you have to be to hang out with a classroom full of kids all day long. 

They teach...









Social studies


and my hardest subject..... Spelling.And spelling test's are NO laughing matter. 

That is unless you're a student in Joey Dombrowski's fourth grade class in Michigan.

He just pulled the most epic spelling test prank of all times and his students will be talking about it for years to come.

Mr. Dombrowski gave them a spelling test full of made up, crazy words complete with beliveable, okay, somewhat believable sentences for a early April fools joke. HAHA! 

EXAMPLE: "The next word is Speekuzslmn, Look there's a Speekuzslmn! S P E E K Z U S L M N... There's silent letters at the end of that one".

You can hear a kid in the back ground exclaim "Whaaaaaaat?!"

Mr. D responds with a confident "yep!"

This teach get's the TEACHER OF THE YEAR award in my books.

Why not make learning fun!

But why am I telling you all about it, Check out this hilarous video below and put a smile on your face.



I can't stop laughing.

This has to be the BEST April fools, make that the best joke ever pulled.

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