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Daughter Sets Dad Straight About The Rules With The Toilet Seat And It's Hilarious [VIDEO]

April 06, 2017

When children get old enough to speak their mind, life become a whole lot more fun!

They aren't afraid to speak their minds and sometimes it's pretty hilarious.

Little Bradlee Rae wasn't afraid to let dad know what's up! He apparently hasn't been following the rules!

She starts right off saying, "How many times do I have to tell you..."

I was already laughing!

She sounds just like my bossy kids.

Bradlee continues to tell dad that he better put the seat down.

Even when dad challenges her and asks why he has to put it up and then back down, she doesn't even hesitate to tell him, yep, he has to do it both times! That's what you do for the girls.

She is so cute! You can't help but giggle.

I sure hope dad listens so he doesn't have to get in trouble again!

Check out the cute video below.

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