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Bird Hears Owner Playing Drum, Seconds Later He Decides He Wants To Play Too And His Owner Can't Stop Laughing

August 30, 2017

If you have the privilege of being a pet owner, chances are you have tried to teach your pet a trick or two. Maybe you want your dog to roll over or maybe your cat needs to learn how to use the new kitty door you installed. Whatever the trick may be, it is always rewarding when your pet finally gets it. Some tricks, however, are far more entertaining than others, which is demonstrated by the little cockatiel in this story. Trust me when I say that you have never seen musical talent demonstrated in such a hysterical way.

On a particularly slow afternoon, a man is sitting in his house, trying to find something to do. His pet cockatiel is standing on the counter next to him, seemingly waiting for his owner to come up with something new and exciting to entertain them both. The owner looks around and finds a small toy drum nearby. Grabbing the sticks, he begins to tap on the drum absent-mindedly. As he taps, the cockatiel makes his way over to inspect the drum for himself. The bird's head starts to move in time with the beat and that is when he decides to play the drum for himself, only without the sticks.

The bird begins to bang his entire head on the drum, all the while keeping the beat that his owner has started. The bird bangs his head faster and faster and you can't help but laugh because of the enjoyment he is getting out of it. Who needs drum sticks when you have a perfectly good beak to use, right!? Needless to say, the bird's new trick goes over quite well with everyone who sees it. Someone needs to find this bird a rock band to join immediately! Watch the video, below, and prepare to laugh as you witness the musical talents of the hysterical cockatiel.

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