Penny Was Abandoned On The Streets As A Pup. If Not For The Love Of One Woman, She Would Surely Be Dead

October 24, 2017

Penny the pup is a gorgeous little purebred mutt! She lives with her doting family in Sri Lanka where she is now the second-littlest baby in the house. Her loving family consists of one other dog, three cats, a baby, and her adoptive parents. Penny absolutely loves one of the cats, Kuzco, and has become close friends with the playful feline. She loves to curl up with her family and sleep on the couch, relaxing.

Penny’s life may be like a dream now, but it wasn’t always full of love and happiness. In fact, the start of her life is a sad tale full of loss and pain. Penny was the product of two unfixed dogs; most pets in her home country are not spayed or neutered so there is a significant population of unwanted dogs and cats. Often, when they are old enough to be weaned, puppies and kittens are abandoned on the streets and left to die.

This is the fate that befell Penny and her sister, and the two struggled to survive every day. They scrounged for food in the trash that littered the streets, begging for help from people who passed by them every day. They slept out in the open every night, curled up together for comfort in the balmy Summer nights. Their lives were full of fear and neglect, with no hope for tomorrow.

One hot day, Penny’s sister tried to cross a road in search of food and water. She was struck by a passing van and died instantly. Penny mourned the loss of her sister and fought to survive alone on the harsh streets. One day, a woman and her husband were driving by when they spotted Penny on the side of the road. The woman was smitten by the adorable pup and decided that if she was still there on the way home, Penny would be going home with them.

On their way home, they caught sight of Penny so they kept their word. A friend of the couple spotted them picking up Penny, and told them the sad tale of Penny’s abandonment and loss of her sister. They took her home, giving her a bath to help clean her up, and then took her to their veterinarian. At the vet, they discovered that this sweet, frightened pup was full of worms and had been bitten on her head by a bigger dog, leaving her with a wound and missing some fur.

Penny was terrified and very timid. She would growl and yelp whenever the couple approached her. Penny was so scared of everyone because, during her time on the streets, she had been beaten and abused by people who only viewed her as a pest. Slowly, Penny began to overcome her horrific past and grew to love and trust her new fur-siblings and parents! Thanks to the love of one woman who was willing to take a chance on her when no one else would, Penny is living a dog’s dream life.

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