Boba The Heavy Metal Kitty Inspired His Rock Star Humans To Help As Many Kitties As Possible

October 24, 2017

Musicians Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) and Carré Callaway (Queen Kwong) have a soft spot for kittens. While living in LA, they began fostering kittens, and when they moved to Detroit, they wanted to continue in their efforts to help the cat population. After following a stray mama to the basement of an abandoned house, they found her litter of five kittens.

The small, helpless creatures were only about a month old and were desperate for a little TLC. Wes and Carré knew that they had to help them. When the couple took a closer look, they realized that one kitten was a little different.

Boba, an all-black kitten, was born without a developed middle digit on both of his paws. This feature makes Boba look like a natural-born rock star throwing up the well-known hand gesture for "rock out" at all times. This feature prompted Wes and Carré to give Boba the nickname The Heavy Metal Kitty.


The couple fostered the kittens and decided to keep Boba and his sibling Marshmallow as their own fur-babies. The presence of Boba in their lives prompted them to do more. They got to work and started Motor Kitty Rescue, a non-profit cat rescue organization with Boba as their official mascot. Because of Boba many more cats are being rescued and adopted off of the streets!

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