Farmer Assumes His Hen Has Laid An Egg. When He Gets Closer, He Realizes She’s Nesting On Something Very Different - And He Is In Utter Disbelief!

November 02, 2017

Whenever I think of farms, one of the first things that come to mind is chickens. Chickens and hens are practically a staple in the farm world, regardless of the kind of farm you’re operating. Chickens and hens are wonderful for so many reasons; they lay several fresh eggs a day, they eat all of your leftovers that won’t get eaten otherwise, and they’re super laid-back.

Typically, hens aren’t the most nurturing or cuddly animals; they tend to keep to themselves and leave the snuggles, silliness, and sentimental moments to cats, dogs, donkeys, and goats. Really, the only time chickens and hens even come around humans is during feedings! Other than that, they are pretty independent.

One hen, though, was known for her softer side. While most hens are found in the hen house nesting or resting, this hen was the rebel who always found joy in walking around the farm and hanging out with the other animals. Unlike the chickens around her, she wasn’t intimidated by leaving the hen house and spending time with other animals.

One day, while her owner was on his morning feeding route, he noticed something that was a little off. As he approached the hen house, he saw one hen that seemed to be out of place. He noticed pretty quickly that this was his friendliest hen who normally joins him for his morning, afternoon, and evening routes around the farm. Instead, this morning, she sat practically motionless in the house. He wondered about it just a quick second before he moved on, “She’ll join me later this afternoon” he thought.

The day passed and the farmer noticed that he still hadn’t seen his social butterfly come out of the hen house. He decided to go check as he was growing concerned. As he approached the hen house, he was shocked to see her in the same place - she hadn’t moved an inch! He was puzzled because he knew she wasn’t able to lay her own eggs but she was clearly guarding something. He left her alone and continued on his route, still feeling pretty stumped. “What could she be nesting on?” He wondered.

Evening came and as he approached the hen house for a third and final time that day, he was flabbergasted to see his hen still sitting! That’s when he knew she wasn’t just sitting; there had a to be something she was sitting on. He moved closer to her and that’s when he jumped! She was certainly nesting, but not on eggs!

The farmer was in absolute shock to see that his gregarious girl was nesting on - kittens! Apparently, one of the farm cats had wandered into the hen house and given birth near the chickens! Being the friendly girl that she is, the maternal hen had decided to safeguard their warmth and protection after they were born. The farmer was overwhelmed by the unconditional love of the hen and he was so pleased to know that she was not only safe and okay but that she was protecting new little kittens.

This story is so amazing because it’s a testament to the fact that things aren’t always what they seem and a that mother’s love knows no boundaries! Here’s to many great years with this sweet hen and her new “babies.”

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