Because Of Her Disability Kanga Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized. Luckily, She Was Saved From Her Fate And Now Lives A Purr-fect Life As Mama Roo

November 07, 2017

When cats have a litter of kittens, and one does not seem quite right, many pet owners are unsure of what measures to take. Sadly, many decide to take the kitten to a clinic to be euthanized thinking that it could never lead a normal life. This is what happened to sweet Kanga Roo when she was just four weeks old.

Kanga was born with a genetic defect called Radial Hypoplasia/Radial Agencies, which means she has abnormally short and twisted forelegs. All because of being born with this condition she was scheduled to die. Fortunately, a kind woman at the clinic named Cheryl was not going to let that happen. While she could not adopt the poor creature herself, she knew of an organization that could help.

Cheryl contacted Saving Grace Rescue, and they took her in immediately! Shortly after, a woman named Joyce was looking at SGR's website and saw a video of the darling kitten. She instantly fell in love and contacted them to adopt her. Two weeks later, she brought Kanga to live with her fur-ever family!

Because of Kanga Roo's condition, she is not able to walk on all fours, but she hops like, you guessed it, a kangaroo! Kanga manages to get around quite well this way though, and does not let her disability stop her from enjoying a regular cat life!

Kanga enjoys living with her human parents, two doggie brothers, and a kitty brother and sister. On top of all that furry love, they also foster kittens on a regular basis.

Kanga absolutely adores the kittens and wants to be their mommy! Joyce even fostered another special kitten born with the same condition that Kanga Roo has. Kanga and Alealani formed a special bond and Roo showed her the ropes of being a "hopster" kitty!

When Kanga Roo was born, she had a slim chance of survival let alone finding a fur-ever home that would accept her as she is. Lucky for her though, someone saw her and knew that she was a life worth saving. Now, Kanga is a full-grown tabby that has the purr-fect family and is known as Mama Roo to many kittens!

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