Bomb-Sniffing Canines. How They Serve And Protect Will Leave You Amazed!

September 22, 2017

A dog is truly man's best friend, a loyal companion, and one of the smartest animals on this planet (in my humble, dog-loving opinion). Dogs live to please and will do everything in their power to make sure any task they are given is completed to the best of their ability. In this video, you will witness what these incredible dogs are capable of doing. Once given extensive training and a purpose, they are ready to serve and protect humans as bomb-sniffing canines.

An annual budget of nearly $200,000,000 provides training for 1,047 bomb-sniffing dogs. With that kind of dollar-to-dog ratio, one can assume that these pups are good at their jobs. So good in fact, Congress is considering expanding the program. These working canines are busy little bees and spend their time sniffing the insides of airplanes, suitcases, and unattended vehicles or luggage...not to mention the 137,000 passengers that a team of dogs will sniff-out in a full day's work. They help keep us all safe and keep the TSA lines moving. Let's give them two thumbs up for a job well done!

The handlers create a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding environment for these dogs each and every day, despite the seriousness of their task. As far as the canines are concerned, their job is nothing more than an exciting game they get to play all day long. It’s no wonder these pups look forward to starting their workday and relish being on the job. A huge thank you to all those precious fur-babies who help keep us safe and work with happy hearts and willing souls! See for yourself!

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