When You See What’s Hiding Behind The Door Of This House, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

September 22, 2017

Senior dogs are amazing companions, and make great additions to any family. These oldies are so relaxed and laid back, they can fit into just about every household. They often end up at shelters, however, when people decide they’d rather have a young adorable puppy, or when their owners pass away. Thankfully, there are rescues out there dedicated to saving these magnificent pets. One man is doing his part to save these dogs, and has eight senior pups of his own!

Wolfgang2242 is an Instagram account run by a wonderful man named Steve. Steve has a whole house full of senior dogs, and he uses Instagram to help raise awareness of the plight of senior dogs. Steve is the loving father to eight adoring elderly pups, one magnificent pig, one fluffy rabbit, and even a goofy chicken! He loves to take group photos of his family, and often times the seniors he fosters are more than happy to join in on the photography sessions.

Steve’s adorable pack has earned over 708,000 followers on Instagram, and they even have started to sell shirts online. A large portion of the money earned from the shirts goes to supporting Susie’s Senior Dogs, a Denver-based dog rescue that helps elderly dogs like the ones in Steve’s pack. I think it’s safe to say that this is the cutest pack of seniors ever.

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