Headstrong Dogs Refuse To Obey. Discover Why

September 21, 2017

Dogs are truly magnificent creatures who brighten our lives in more ways than one. They are loyal companions who strive to be our best friend, a constant source of joy throughout the good and bad times in our lives. They believe the sun rises and sets with us, and wherever we go, they are sure to follow. Yes, they truly are amazing creatures, but one thing that wasn’t mentioned is just how stubborn these fur babies can be. In spite of their loving demeanor, when they have something else in mind, they become adamant and unwilling to budge.

In this video, you’re going to witness several dogs who have stubbornness down to a tee. To shed light on a few cute examples, one sweet canine decides he doesn’t care if he’s in the way while his parents slow dance in the living room; he’s not moving an inch. Another fur baby shows her headstrong ways by declining her mother’s kiss. You can tell she loves her mom, but at that very moment, she’s not in the mood and quickly whips her head in the opposite direction. It’s Hilarious!

A truly adorable compilation of so many sweet fur babies determined to do their thing, merely because they have their minds made up. Even though it’s their way or the highway, their sweet personalities still shine through, and it’s adorable to witness!

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