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Born Without Limbs. Watch How One Man Defies The Odds And Ignites A Passion For Living, In The Hearts Of Millions!

October 09, 2017

Nick Vujicic is turning the heads of millions, and you'll be shocked when you find out why. Despite the horrific tragedy of being born without any arms or legs, he does not allow his disability to get him down. Instead, he continues to fight the odds, while using his current situation and positive outlook on life, to transform lives and touch hearts along the way. His love for living life to the fullest can be seen in his actions and heard in his words; that's what's grabbing everyone's attention. So get ready for this incredible story; it's bound to leave you encouraged!

Without the use of limbs, many would assume Nick would be bound to his bed, completely dependent on someone else to feed him and take care of his every need, 24/7. Fortunately, that is not the case at all. Despite what the doctors said, he has found a way to defy the odds in more ways than one. He swims, surfs, skydives, and has found a way to walk, and it doesn't stop there. He's quite busy being the president of two companies where he employs a dozen people! When Nick's not running his businesses, he travels around the world giving incredible motivational speeches that leave people transformed. He is grateful for the opportunity to touch lives, and his disability never leaves him resentful. Nick says, "I never met a bitter person who was thankful or a thankful person who was bitter," and so he spends his days pointing people toward a path that leads them to gratitude.

Nick is a very happily married man with a beautiful baby boy. Despite his challenges, he continues to press onward and upward. Knowing that we all encounter unforeseen life-changing situations, Nick gives a testimony full of encouragement that helps millions get up and make a difference in this world. No matter what life throws your way, Nick encourages everyone to "Go out and try, and you never know who you may inspire along the way." Enjoy listening to Nick Vujicic; his words of wisdom are incredible, and his love for life is contagious!

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