He Was About To Call It Quits For The Night. Just Then 4 "Purr-fect" Audience Members Showed Up To Listen To This Street Musician

October 10, 2017

On the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, a street musician was performing, but people were walking by, not paying any attention to him. That must have been very discouraging for the struggling musician. Then, something amazing happened. Out of nowhere, four kittens appeared and sat down right in front of the man as if to tell him he was doing an excellent job!


These kittens were fully engaged and enjoying the night with this musician. They were even bobbing their heads to show the man how much they loved what he was doing. How cute is that? I would take these four feline fans over an equal number of human groupies, any day of the week! 

Just when the man was most in need of encouragement, these cute fur-babies came through for him. What's even better, the man decided to return the favor. He took them all home with him so they could be his constant audience. It looks as though it was a win for both the man and the homeless felines.

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