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Breathtaking Church Looks Like Something Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

January 12, 2018

Churches are truly beautiful buildings, and it’s hard to find one that isn’t full of gorgeous details and stunning views. New Zealand just so happens to be home to one of the most spectacular churches of all, the Tree Church. The Tree Church is located in Ohaupo, New Zealand, and is made from a rather unexpected material.

The Tree Church was built out of wood, but not just any wood, living wood! Barry Cox is a Catholic man who once wanted to be the Pope, but after falling in love with nature, he decided to become a tree specialist. Naturally, he looked for a way to combine his two passions, and decided to form a breathtaking church out of a variety of trees.

He used special tree-moving equipment to help relocate the numerous trees needed to create the church. He used cut Alder Leaf to form the roof because its sparse foliage allows plenty of natural light to flood the church. The walls are formed from an Australian Tree called Copper Sheen, a tree known for its thickly-textured greenery that lends its beauty perfectly to creating a gorgeous church.

The church was formed around an iron frame, but as the trees grow, they will slowly remove the metal and the frame will be formed completely by the living trees. The Tree Church is beloved by all who see it, and is in very high demand as a wedding venue! It seats 100 people, and is in such high demand that they host two weddings every week!