Woman Places Pine Cones In A Bucket Of Bleach. 24-Hours Later, She’s Left With Stunning Decor That’s Perfect For Your Home

January 12, 2018

Fall is tip-toeing right around the corner. Though the weather is still quite warm, people already want to sneak out their boots and scarves. In stores, fall decor is prominently on display, as if begging to go home with you. Before you know it, your ‘autumn obsession’ gets the best of you and you find yourself toting out armloads of decor. When this happens, the total on the receipt is enough to make anyone blush!

Things can get pretty ‘spendy’ if you don’t shop smart. What I’ve found to be most helpful for me (and my wallet!) is to make some of my decorations at home. It’s cheaper, just as gorgeous, and is a fun stress-reliever at the end of a long workday.

Recently, I stumbled upon a super simple fall craft and, from the moment I saw it, knew I had to make it! Bleached pinecones are all the rage in fall decorations, but it had never quite crossed my mind as to how they’re made.

With a small handful of ingredients and a little patience, you can have a bowl full of these beauties! They add the perfect pop of autumn to any space and, with the addition of pine essential oils, will have your house smelling divine! Check out the video, below, to see just how to make this stunning decor.

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