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Litter Of Kittens Tumbles Down Into Culvert That Looks Too Narrow To Fit A Human. This Rescue Is Going To Be Tricky!

January 12, 2018

Kittens have an amazing knack for finding themselves in the most unusual places. Their natural curiosity combined with free-rein to explore their environment is a recipe for disaster! Take, for example, the five little darlings in our story. Somehow, some way, all five of them managed to tumble down into a culvert, surrounded by barbed wire and virtually inaccessible to any human who would like to try to help.

As soon as someone contacts “Hope for Paws” rescue organization about the plight of the four-legged ”prisoners,” the caring staff is on their way to see if they can free the trapped darlings from their tomb.

When Loreta Frankonyte and Eldad Hagar arrive, they are dismayed to discover that the only access point for the culvert is a narrow opening, less than two feet wide. If that weren’t enough of an obstacle, it appears that the ditch in which the kittens have found themselves is many hundreds of feet long. That means that if the rescuers spook the little darlings, they are likely to skitter away, out of reach of their would-be liberators. As they prepare for the intervention they get an idea.

What if they create a blockade before they actually attempt the rescue? Then they would be able to restrict the area to which the kittens could flee should they become frightened. Loreta goes first. She uses some plastic fencing to devise a sort of wall that would block one end of their rescue space.

After first lowering the makeshift wall, she rappels down to the bottom of the seven-foot-deep ditch. Right after, Eldad does the same at the opposite end of the culvert.

Loreta gingerly lifts the cardboard covering that is hiding the kittens, and the first thing we see is three adorable white long-haired babies.

The first one she reaches for makes a daring escape attempt but is soon collared by Eldad who is waiting at the other end.

Kitten number one is now safely in the confines of the cat carrier the rescuers brought along for just this purpose.

The second and third siblings go along without a struggle. But the two heroes are not done yet!

Lifting the other side of the cardboard box, Loreta reveals the rest of the stranded sweethearts. The two beautiful black felines realize that the jig is up and they go along peacefully.

In less than two minutes’ time, all five kittens are recovered, safe and sound and ready to be transported to the shelter where they will be cared for in a way that they, most likely, have never experienced. Loreta hands off the bag containing the precious cargo and makes her way back up the rope and out of the culvert.

When we next see our five little friends, they are in their new home, resting, playing, eating, and having the time of their life.

Warm, safe, and among loving caretakers, the five siblings settle into their new environment with all the enthusiasm you might expect from such an energetic little crew.

Once again, the team at Hope for Paws has stepped in and made an incredible rescue where no one else was willing to go. The reward for them is priceless. Every day, they get the pleasure of watching the little ones whose lives they have literally transformed, growing, thriving, and enjoying their new lives.

Best of all these precious ones get to experience the love and compassion of people who truly understand the value in all living creatures, no matter how big or how small.

To see the entire rescue, just click on the video, below.

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