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After Fighting Cancer Twice, a Young Girl is Told She is Getting a SURPRISE. She NEVER EXPECTED to See THIS When She Came Out of Her Room! [VIDEO]

March 31, 2017

One day at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, a young girl named Ula was told she was getting a surprise!

Ula was in her second battle with cancer but still had a smile on her face and joy in her spirit! 

When asked what she thought her surprise might be, Ula was completely clueless; all she wanted to make sure of was that it had nothing to do with spiders! 

Shortly before Ula was called out of her room, a helicopter had landed on the roof; the helicopter had just delivered Ula's surprise! 

When Ula came around the corner she came face to face with none other than CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW! 

This was not simply a man dressed as Captain Jack, this was in fact the one and only Johnny Depp dressed as his famous character! 

Ula was absolutely speechless and could not believe her eyes! 

Captain Jack jokingly informed Ula that he was there to take her to a room filled with spiders; he then asked Ula for a hug which she enthusiastically obliged him with!

The surprise did not stop with Ula; Captain Jack proceeded to Rome around the hospital with Ula as his guide! 

Jack (Johnny) handed out gold coins and took pictures with every child who wanted them! 

The smile on the children's faces was only rivaled by the smile on Captain Jack's face! 

This VIDEO of Ula's encounter with Captain Jack Sparrow is sure to bring a smile to your face!