Caring Rottweiler Danka Adopts Motherless Fox Cubs

June 22, 2017

Many people may not see Rottweilers as the most caring dog breed. However, growing up I babysat for a family who had a Rottweiler, and that dog was very caring and so incredibly gentle with their handicapped daughter. Of course, she was still very protective of her family and always aware of what was going on. I think her worst offense was stepping on people's feet though.

 Firefighters in Germany came across a litter of fox pups. After a couple of days, they were still unable to locate a mother and took the pups in. After the word got around their small community, a local dog owner contacted them and offered to take in the helpless babes. 


Fox cubs, which are also called pups or kits, actually highly resemble dog puppies and people have even mistaken them for dogs before. Maybe that is why Danka, the Rottweiler was so eager to take them in as her own.  

Danka's owner knew right away that she would love to take care of these motherless pups. You see, motherly instinct runs strong in Danka. The year to prior to this Danka had nursed and reared 12 abandoned kittens! It seems Danka is a dog that is not biased about which baby animal species she takes in. Way to go, Danka! 

Watch this sweet story of Danka and her unique pups below. 

Oh my goodness! Would you look at that? Danka really did LOVE those fox cubs as if they were her own pups!

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