This Hilarious Video Of Crusoe The Police Dachshund Is A Must See

June 23, 2017

Meet Crusoe! According to, his bio says: My name is Crusoe and I am a miniature black and tan dachshund. But don’t take ‘miniature’ too much to heart. I was named after Robinson Crusoe for my deep sense of adventure and my natural ability to instill fascination in the public eye. My tagline is “the wiener dog who thinks he’s more of a celebrity than he really is”, but I think at this point I pretty much am a celebrity! 


Here are some facts about dachshunds: They are not hypoallergenic, darn! The life span of a dachshund is typically 14-17 years and at the standard size they get up to 33lbs down to 16lbs. They are originally from Germany and the name "dachshund is of German origin and literally means "badger dog."


These dogs ate playfully, can be stubborn, lively and energetic, devoted friends, strong and courageous, and super clever. Because of their long, narrow build, they are often nicknamed wiener dog or sausage dog."Dachshund" may be erroneously pronounced and/or spelled "dash hound," "dash-hound," or "dashound" by some English speakers.

Dachshunds have short hair or long hair and come in all types of colors. Well, that's enough about facts... but here is a pic of an adorable puppy...





Check out this hilarious video of Crusoe the Dachshund police officer below:

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