Check Out These DIY Easter Egg Decorating Alternatives Instead Of The Normal Dyed Eggs

We've all decorated Easter eggs with the dye tablets from the store.

Sometimes they come out cute and sometimes not so much, but it's almost always messy.


As a kid, I wanted my eggs to turn out perfectly. More times than not, it didn't work out that way.

Here are some alternative ideas to the standard dyed eggs. Wish I had thought of these years ago!


Check out this video with some awesome ideas to decorate your eggs this Easter!


DIY Easter Egg Decorations

Supplies and Directions:

Hardboiled or Blown Out Eggs

1. Temporary Tattoos

Clean the egg and add on tattoos just like you do on skin. You can mix and match different sizes to cover the whole egg or keep it simple with just one. You can also use a sharpie to add in some detail in the white spaces.

2. Thumbprint Shapes

Use an ink pad to make fingerprints on the eggs. Then you can use a Sharpie to turn your fingerprint into people or different animals. These ones are pretty adorable and great for the kids to help with!

3. Chicken and Easter Bunny

Use pipe cleaners and hot glue it around the egg. Take the ends of the pipe cleaner and shape into ears. Use craft supplies to add feet, eyes, mouth and whiskers. A Sharpie can also be used for the decoration. Then glue on a little puff ball for a tail.

Follow the same instructions for the chick but instead of the pipe cleaner, add feathers.

4. Glitter Eggs

For the full glitter egg, spread glue over the egg and then add the glitter. It's easiest to do half the egg, let it dry and then flip it over to do the other side.

For the polka dot glitter egg use glue dots to cover the egg. Then sprinkle on the glitter. Let sit for a few minutes then brush off excess glitter. How adorable are these ones?!

5. Spray Paint

Use spray paint for an easy way to color the eggs.

What do you think about these ideas?

I can't wait to try these out with my kids this week!  SHARE on your Facebook page which ones you are looking forward to doing!

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Check Out These DIY Easter Egg Decorating Alternatives Instead Of The Normal Dyed Eggs
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