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This Bald 7-Year-Old Went Crazy For "Crazy Hair Day" In The Best Way!

April 07, 2017

Meet Ginessa Vinanti Wride. This 7-year-old loves fashion, dance and karate.

She lost all her hair, earlier this year due to alopecia. 

Alopecia is an autoimmune skin disease that causes hair loss all over the body, mainly on the scalp, and face.

Ginessa's mom, Daniella Vinanti said a recent interview with Buzzfeed, "On January 1st she took a shower and I helped her brush her hair. It was half way down her back. I found a quarter-sized bald patch on the back of her head, and the area around her temples looked like it was thinning as well."

In just 20 short days ALL her hair was gone.

But nothing would stop this STRONG 7-year-old from celebrating "CRAZY HAIR DAY" at her school.

If you don't know, CRAZY HAIR DAY is when kids get to do wild, crazy, silly, fun, and even funny things to their hair and show up to school.

So Daniella had to get creative. 

"I came across some scrapbooking stickers in Walmart. They were jewel-toned and extremely sparkly which fit her personality perfectly," said Daniella. "She chose the main design and I applied it to her head. She just wants to be treated like every other kid, she wants to have fun and fit in. She loves crazy hair day and this is a great way for her to feel like she was just one of the crowd."

"Alopecia hasn't changed anything other than the fact that she doesn't have her hair anymore. She loves to dance, she loves anything to do with fashion, she loves to play with toys, and she loves to do karate." Daniella said.

What a brave, strong, and inspiring girl. Way to be a bright light to the world, Ginessa.

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