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Little Boy Rides A Rollercoaster For The First Time! His Reactions Will Leave You In STITCHES! [VIDEO]

April 11, 2017

Some people love the thrilling experience of riding a roller coaster. 


Others are terrified at the very thought of riding one of those "death machines"! (Over dramatic?) 

Whether you love them or you hate them, it is safe to say that watching someone else ride a roller coaster, especially for the first time, is HYSTERICAL! 


Enter young Evan and his easily entertained father! 

Evan seems to be excited to ride his first roller coaster; until the coaster actually starts moving! 

As the coaster begins to climb Evan seems to be having second thoughts about his decision; his dad reassures him that the coaster moves "slow". 

The first drop occurs and Evan quickly realizes that the coaster is a lot faster than his dad has led him to believe! 

Evan's dad is obviously enjoying the ride as well as his son's reactions! 

Evan attempts to smile for the camera but even that comes off as a grimace! 

By the end of the ride, Evan seems to have had a good first experience on a roller coaster, but he is very glad to be at the end of it! 

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