Costco Employee Delights Children And Parents Alike With His Impersonation Of Beloved Disney Character

January 26, 2018

If you have a young daughter or granddaughter, I can almost guarantee that you have seen the Disney movie 'Moana' and if you haven't and you enjoy having songs stuck in your head for days, then I highly recommend it! In fact, I'm not sure there is a parent out there that when their child says 'thank-you' isn't tempted to break out in the song "You're Welcome" in reply!

Well, the movie has made a man named William Va'ana the most famous person working at Costco in Hawaii. William says he saw the movie and didn't think much about it, but then kids began noticing the uncanny resemblance he has to the character of Maui in the film. While some kids are shy at first, they all want to hear William perform the signature Maui call for them!

He has gotten into the character outside of his day job and played Maui for over fifty parties and even had a friend that fashioned a replica hook for him!

Not everybody can say that they get the chance to make kids' faces light up with joy while working at their job. What a fun shopping trip for kids and parents alike! I wonder if he ever sings "You're Welcome" when patrons say "Thank-you," it would be so tempting!