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Rescuers Feared Nobu Was Dead When They Found Him, Now He’s Living The Good Life

January 29, 2018

It's often very easy for a dog to fall on hard times and need the help of a kind and loving person. Nobu is one pup who found himself in desperate need of saving in Long Beach, California. Hope for Paws Rescue was called in to save Nobu when he was found by a group of children.

When the kids found Nobu, he was so dirty and weak that they originally thought they had found a dead dog. As they began to approach him, he tried to escape from them. They backed off and began to try and find a rescue who would take him in. Unfortunately, many of the rescues they contacted were only willing to save him if they made a big donation.

Luckily, they quickly discovered Hope For Paws rescue who was more than willing to come and help. Eldad is the rescuer who runs Hope For Paws, and he was more than happy to race into action. When they arrived, Nobu was lying in the dirt next to a road, scared but unwilling to run away.

Rescuers were able to approach Nobu and quickly slip the leash over his head. As the leash tightened around his neck, he began to thrash, terrified. He was scared, unsure of what was going to happen next. He slowly began to settle down and welcome the touch of his rescuers.

Once they were able to pick him up, they took him to the veterinarian where he was groomed; then they spent hours removing hundreds of ticks that had been feeding on him. Although it was surely scary and even painful, he didn’t fight the rescuers. After he received all of the grooming and veterinary care he so desperately needed, he went on to the Smooch Pooch rescue where they were able to find him his perfect forever home.

Nobu now spends his days bounding around, chasing after his favorite squirrel toy, and just enjoying the chance to be a normal dog. He has canine friends and a family who loves him more than life itself. Life has certainly taken a drastic change for this pup, and we couldn’t be happier.