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Dachshund Who Was Shockingly Over Weight At 38 Pounds Gets A Life Style Change [VIDEO]

June 01, 2017


Meet Fat Vincent who weighed in at a whopping 38lbs double his ideal size. The average Dachshund will weigh from 16 to 32 pounds, depending on their body height and length. The Dachshund’s body should be lean and muscular with a pronounced arch behind the ribs, leading to the hindquarters. The Dachshund’s chest bone should visibly protrude, with a dimple on each side. If you notice that the fat around the chest covers the breastbone, or that the dog displays a rounded waistline that does not arch upward at the abdomen, your Dachshund is overweight. Sometimes even our pets need to go on a diet.  


Sadly Vincent owner had passed away but this gave him the opportunity to change his life. He needed a total body make-over and after he was rescued it was all made possible. We are not the only ones who need to go on diets sometimes even our pets need to too. With a healthy diet and exercise, Vincent has made a complete body makeover. He now weighs 16.8lbs and is now nicknamed Skinny Vinny.


He is able to run, and play like he hasn't in years. No more cheeseburgers for this good looking pup he's turned his life around. He only gets healthy food now. Check him out! He is one HOT dog. *WINK Check out his transformation in the video below:

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