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Determined To Go Outside, Toddler Busts Out Her Baby Talk. You’ll Be In Stitches When You Witness This Argument Unravel

September 08, 2017

Communicating with children during the first few years of their lives, can be a little difficult at times. They eventually develop their own baby talk which makes complete sense to the them, but leaves many adults hanging on to every word, trying to guess what they’re really trying to communicate. When it all comes down to it, it’s all just part of the baby and toddler stages, and the process of learning to speak.

In this adorable video, Lana, a little toddler, is standing by the front door. Unable to turn the knob so she can proceed on her adventure, she turns to her father in the background. In her cute little baby talk, Lana tries to communicate what she has in mind. Dad knows she wants to go outside so he immediately responds by saying, “Dad said you’re not allowed to go outside, it’s too cold,” as well as, “but you don’t have your boots on.” Lana is very aware of what her father is saying, but his response is not what she was hoping to hear. As she grows more and more passionate in her baby talk, you can tell she is not happy with his decision. Then the back-talking begins.


With all her little might she continues babbling to her parents, trying to plead her case. She’s a smart little cookie and she’s doing everything to win this argument. As she converses back-and-forth with her passionate baby talk, her adorable personality shines through. With her determination and strong-willed personality, this little one is bound to keep her parents on their toes. Enjoy this cute video and the joys of baby talk!

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