2 Dalmatians Encounter 5 Kittens. The Canines' Reaction Is One You Will Never Forget

September 28, 2017

Louie and Lady are two Dalmatians who've taken on the tremendous job of being foster parents to kittens who are in need of a forever home. Two very different species, yet these amazing canines treat every single one of these precious kittens as their very own. It's truly a remarkable relationship!

The scene opens with two dogs and five kittens just lounging around together in one large dog bed. Louie and Lady are trying to enjoy their nap time while five rambunctious kittens climb, jump, and roll all over the chill canines. Neither dog shows any aggression; they both remain calm, and occasionally nudge or lick the kittens, with Tender Loving Care. The canines truly love these kittens, and it's beyond adorable to watch just how comfortable everyone is lying in each other's arms.

These kittens are safe, protected, and fully loved by each of their foster parents. During their time here, they are sure to develop a beautiful bond with Louie and Lady. Once they're ready to move on to their forever homes you can bet these kittens will walk away having had their lives radically changed for the better. Enjoy as you watch the cutest scene unfold right before your eyes!

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