When You See This Dog’s Normal Expression, You’ll Be In Love

September 29, 2017

Pugs are some of the most beloved dogs in existence. One look at their smooshed faces and silly antics, and you’ll understand why they’ve drawn the attention of so many. Ozzy is an adorable Pug with a rather unexpected facial expression. Ozzy looks grumpy and disapproving in all of her photos, but that’s just the way her natural facial expression is! Of course, this sweet dog isn’t as grouchy as she appears.


Ozzy the Pug was born in 2012, and through an unfortunate turn of events, this magnificent dog found herself without a home. She eventually ended up at Central Coast Pug Rescue in Pismo Beach, California, waiting for her forever home. In April 2015, this pup’s luck changed for the better when E. J. and Jennah Coughlin adopted her. While in the process of making Ozzy their own, the Coughlins also fell in love with another Pug named Kubrick, and the family expanded even more as they decided to welcome both animals into their home.


Ozzy is the star of her very own Instagram account, but she is kind enough to let her brother, Kubrick, join in on occasion. Whenever they can, these two rescue pets love to take advantage of their stardom, as a means of helping other dogs in need of saving. They often make appearances at rescue events, and they even donate a portion of the proceeds from their merchandise sales! Of course, they always make sure to support Central Coast Pug Rescue to help them save other lives!


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