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Dog Falls Through Frozen Pond, Unable To Resurface. The Owner’s Response Will Leave You In Shock!

October 10, 2017

It’s an owner's worst nightmare - witnessing his dog falling through the ice into the freezing cold water. The defenseless pup begins panicking and, with all her might, tries to climb onto the slippery surface. With his beloved pooch unable to pull herself out, the owner wastes no time and immediately begins racing toward his floundering pet.

As the man steps out onto the thin ice, he instantly plunges into the freezing cold water. Not willing to give up, he continues moving through the slush until he's capable of pulling himself up on a strip of concrete that borders the icy pond. His dog being a few feet away is still out of his reach. It's at this moment that he leaps for his struggling canine and completely disappears into the frozen pond. Two seconds later the man's head resurfaces. He quickly grabs his sweet fur baby and scurries to the concrete strip where he hoists both himself and his dog onto the surface. This allows a break in the action and a few moments of rest before they have to endure the final attempt of making it back to solid ground.

At this time they're around 20 feet from safety, where a woman and child anxiously await their arrival. Hoping the ice will hold them, he steps out one last time. Unfortunately, the ice is too thin, and they both plunge into the water. As he swims through the deep slush, he eventually makes it to the shallow area where they both are safe and sound. It’s incredible to watch the heroic acts of this man and the unbelievable love he has for his dog. If not for his quick-thinking this story may have had a different ending. An amazing rescue that you will want to witness for yourself!

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