Daisy’s Refusal To Be Away From Her Momma Left Her With No Choice But To Take Truly Desperate Action

February 23, 2018

Daisy is an adorable brown and white boxer who loves nothing more in life than spending her time with her beloved family. When her family began to grow, and small children began to join the family, Daisy was quite curious about the new little fences that had been put up. While they were quite good at corralling the kids, they also prevented her from going where she wanted!

Determined not to let that stop her, Daisy began plotting and scheming about how to make it through the cursed fences so that she could reach her family. When even the children couldn’t figure out how to get around them, she knew she was in for the battle of her life. After multiple attempts to squeeze under the fence or through the fence, she knew there was only one option left. She’d have to go over it.

So, that’s what she did! However, unlike your normal dog, she didn’t run and jump over the baby gate. Instead, she hops straight into the air and over the fence. Her landings are less than graceful and often ends with her feet scrambling to catch herself.