Stubborn Dog Is Told It Is Time For Bed. Within Seconds His Ridiculous Reaction Has His Owner In Stitches

August 29, 2017

It is safe to say that our pets have the ability to make us laugh more than anything or anyone else on the planet. Sure, we have friends that we can have a good time with, but our pets seem to know exactly how to make us bust a gut. Sometimes, however, our pets can get us laughing without even trying. Maybe they have a funny habit they are not aware of or, perhaps, they are aware of their habits and they simply refuse to change them. This seems to be the case with the bull mastiff in this story. This dog, apparently, loves to stay up late and won't let anyone tell him when his bedtime is.

On this particular night, the dog is minding his own business, lying on the nice tile floor in the kitchen. Everything is going great until his owner enters the scene. The dog looks up as if he knows what's coming and, sure enough, his owner utters the dreaded words, "It's time for bed." The dog does not even attempt to move. He is perfectly content where he is, thank you very much. The owner doesn't seem to take the hint and attempts to move the dog into a standing position. "Oh, he wants to play that game, does he?" Well, the dog knows exactly what to do.

The dog rolls over onto his back and, basically, becomes a heavy sack of potatoes. The owner succeeds in sliding the dog from the kitchen into the living room, in front of his kennel. When it comes time for the dog to enter the kennel, however, the owner is forced to attempt to pick the dog up and put him in the kennel himself. This is, obviously, easier said than done as the dog is not small, by any means. The dog continues to offer no help to his owner who can't help but laugh at the situation. No matter how much his owner tries to convince him, the dog is in no way interested in going to bed. If his owner wants him in the kennel so badly, he is going to have to do all the work. At least the owner gets a late night workout out of the deal. Watch the video , below, to see the hysterical encounter.

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