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Dog Kept Sneaking Out Every Day To Visit Neighbor's 5 Year Old Boy. In The End They Couldn't Help But Give Him The Dog

June 05, 2017

Dogs tend to sneak out for a variety of reasons. Our family dog, Apollo, used to sneak out of the yard to chase many different things. The neighbor's cat, birds, and squirrels are but a few of the things Apollo chased on a weekly basis. Apollo may have had some ridiculous reasons for sneaking out, but for one dog, named Saki, the reasons were anything but funny. 

When Saki moved into a new house with her trainer, she lived next to a young boy named Danny. Danny had some special problems from birth, but that did not stop his adoptive parents, Dixie and Edward, from loving him all the same. As Danny grew, his special problems became more evident. Danny had issues with speaking in full sentences, motor skills development, and potty training. 

At the age of five Danny still struggled with basic milestones that other children had been through. Dixie and Edward did everything they could for Danny but nothing seemed to help. Little did they know, there was a miracle living next door, named Saki. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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