Farmers Discover Their Missing Newborn Baby Donkey In A SHOCKING Place

July 14, 2017

We all know the feeling of working a long day’s work and going until we can’t possibly go anymore. Our eyes, legs, and feet are tired, and we’ve been looking forward to one thing and one thing only: relaxing.

I know that there are days when it feels like I’ve worked my tail off. From sunrise to sunset, the day’s duties keep me moving quickly and without a moment to stop and catch my breath. By the time I’ve managed to kick my feet up somewhere (anywhere really), it’s only a matter of time before my eyes are shut and my Zzz’s are filling the room.

Rest and relaxation happen to be one of the most valuable components of a person’s day, so when I go too long without either, I find the luxury of being able to fall asleep almost anywhere, anytime, anyway. The only thing with being that tired is that you can drift into your dreams for an extended amount of time, which can sometimes send other people into a frenzy. Recently, I found that I wasn’t the only who appreciated a spontaneous and quiet R&R moment.

When Elvis, a 2- week old donkey, felt his body start to drift into sleepytime-mode, he made his way to one of the most unsuspecting places for a donkey nap. Elvis had been up for only a couple hours, but as a newborn donkey, that’s a long time to be up and at ‘em without a nap. When the time finally came for his nap, he had one very specific and surprising place in mind and he made his way there without letting anyone know.

Sleepy Elvis had made his way to a HAMMOCK! When I first heard of this, I was shocked! My first thought was, “HOW in the world would a baby donkey get into a hammock?” After all, they aren’t necessarily the easiest things for a human to get into, I can’t imagine how tricky it was for a newborn donkey to get into… My second thought was that little Elvis had the right idea with this R&R spot- hammocks are AMAZING for naps!

Elvis’ owners were beyond worried that their new baby was missing and alone. After an hour of searching, they made their way back to the house where they noticed the front porch hammock rocking! As you can imagine, they were quite surprised (and relieved) to see their 2-week old donkey swaying away in their family hammock. His owners watched him in awe and even gave him a little push from time to time to keep his hammock in motion.

Elvis, I am quite impressed with your resting preference and I’ve gotta say, you’ve inspired my next nap (Although I’ll make sure to let people know if I escape into an unusual napping place). Check out the video below to Elvis lay back and enjoy his nap in the most unthinkable of donkey resting spots!

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