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New Father Filmed His Daughter Every Week For Her First 14 Years Of Life

July 13, 2017

One of the most amazing parts of being a parent is watching your children grow up. From the first time you hold them in your arms, to when they graduate high school, to when they have babies of their own, the process happens before our very eyes. All too often, we wonder where the time actually went.

Some time between rocking your baby to sleep and waving them off to school, you begin to remember the times that passed. Oh, how I wish I could go back and replay moments of my little one’s childhood...

In this day and age, we have the luxury of recording moments. A dream that seemed so far-fetched only a couple decades ago, is now our exciting reality. What came into our culture as a means of entertainment, has turned into one of the most valuable keepsakes to millions of people.

Recorded moments are now as simple as clicking a button. Now you can keep everything; a holiday morning, a surprise, or even just a simple conversation. Technology has made a way for us to truly relive time, something that is oh so limited.

When one man became a father for the first time, he wanted to get the most out of every day with his new little girl. From day one, this new daddy was tied around his baby girl’s finger. Her big blue eyes stopped him in his tracks and he felt so much love.

He decided right then and there that he was going to capture his daughter’s beautiful life journey with one picture a day. And he did. Every week for 14 years, the new father took a photo of his daughter, forever remembering his little girl. He placed the pictures in order creating a time-lapse video and the conclusive recording was absolutely astonishing.

A picture a week for 14 years amounted to 730 pictures. Pictures that wonderfully capture the process of a little one growing up. Seconds go by and years are added to the little girl, proving that each second really is a gift. Thanks to the magic that is technology, our memories can be preserved and life and be remembered time and time again. Watch the time-lapse video below to see life happen one week at a time for 730 weeks. The process is truly amazing…

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