Dog Swam To Middle Of The Harbor Every Day For Very Special Reason, When People Saw Why They Were Blown Away

August 04, 2017

Dogs have the uncanny ability to make friends everywhere they go. Whether they melt the hearts of the people they meet on a daily basis or they shower their love and curiosity on another unsuspecting animal, dogs don't seem to have boundaries when it comes to friendship. This was especially true of a certain dog that locals noticed kept swimming out to the middle of a harbor bay. They had no idea he had made a friend in the water that he was determined to see every day.

For Days on end, locals in Tory Island noticed an odd phenomenon happening at their local hotel. The hotel owners had a lovable golden Labrador dog that everyone loved but the townsfolk noticed that the dog had been running down to the harbor every day and going for a swim. The lovable dog seemed to be on a mission every time he went to go swimming and, one day, people discovered exactly what he had been doing when he went swimming. The harbor was home to a dolphin that the town had named Doogie and the dog, apparently, had become the dolphin's best friend.

Not only were people impressed by the dog's swimming capabilities but they were also amazed by the unique bond that the dog had with Doogie. The dolphin showed up every single day in the harbor to meet up with his best friend, before swimming out into deep water for the day. The town of Tory Island may have been small but they had discovered a rather big surprise that they would never forget. Watch the video below to see the unique friendship between a dog and dolphin!

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