Feral Cat, Mason, Rescued. Discover The Miracle That Opens His Heart And Allows Him To Love Again


When Mason was first discovered, he was a feral cat with no place to call home. He was old and sick, and rescuers knew his environment was not ideal for his current condition. In order for him to have a chance at a long and healthy life, his situation would have to change. With careful planning, rescuers were able to trap Mason and transport him to a location where he immediately underwent medical treatment for a broken tail and an extensive growth on the bottom of his paw. It was going to be a long, hard road for Mason the cat.


With a past life of living wild and free, living in a new enclosed home would be a big adjustment, an all-new world for this feral cat. Making Mason a priority, rescuers spent extra time working with him on a daily basis in hopes that he would find even more comfort in his new loving surroundings. Then, one day, Mason demonstrated that he had made great progress in adjusting to his new life. When brand new foster kittens arrived at the home, the potential for conflict was definitely there. Instead, to everyone's surprise, Mason welcomed them with open paws. It was love at first sight.  


Their deep bond and mutual love continues to grow every single day. Mason’s life is blissful and consists of snuggles and play dates. He has become a role model for the kittens and has taught them what it’s like to have manners and to love with their whole heart. In return, the kittens have given Mason a reason to live a longer, healthier, full life.  Enjoy watching their incredible bond in the video, below!  

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